In addition to writing, editing, and teaching, I’m a recognized expert on Jack the Ripper and have traveled the country speaking (and writing) about the crimes, their implications, and the investigation(s). I’ve written about the crimes, and you can read my takes on several theories, including Was this Jack the Ripper’s Knife?, Was Jack the Ripper a Woman?, and Why are we so fascinated by Jack the Ripper in the first place?

From 2014-2019, I oversaw the publication of a monthly newsmagazine, Pennsylvania Bridges. You can view back issues of Pennsylvania Bridges on Issuu. You can also read some of the stories and columns I wrote for the publication below:

Some of the monthly editor’s columns I penned for Pennsylvania Bridges

Additionally, you can access more recent editor’s columns at the following link: http://pabridges.com/category/editors-note/

You can also read some of the articles I’ve written for local publications below, although some of them are behind the publication’s paywall and you might not be able to access them without a subscription:

Finally, here is a sample newsletter I developed and designed for a local nonprofit, Brownsville Area Revitalization Corporation:

To see more samples of my work, please email me at carla22377@gmail.com.